Destination Weddings

Confused about the difference between Room Block Contract versus Flexible Group Contract?

Is your head about to explode from all of the contract jargon coming at you as you plan your Destination Wedding?


You don’t have to plan it all by yourself. We’re here to take the “craziness” off of your plate. We know that coordinating travel arrangements for your group of wedding guests requires careful planning. One way that I can help you is just to explain the terms that hotels use when you’re trying to reserve rooms for your guests.

Basically, hotels (or tour operators) offer two distinct options to accommodate your type of group, number of travelers and flexibility of schedule. I’ll assist you in selecting the best option that fits your group. But, first let’s talk about these two different ways of reserving rooms for your wedding guests.

Traditional Group Travel or most often called “Room Block” Contract

This is the perfect booking option for travelers on the same itinerary who need flexible payment and cancellation policies for the entire group plus, other general group contract benefits.

A traditional group typically consists of:

  • 20 or more people

  • 10 or more rooms, better for larger groups

  • Set resort price for all travelers with pre-reserved block inventory - Guaranteed room!

  • Typically, a group discount is available, or FREE comps

  • Guests can choose varying lengths of stay/not bound to a certain amount of nights except for 3 night minimum stay

Flexible Group Contract

They’re ideal for small groups of 10 or more. Ideal for small destination weddings or when you’re not sure of the guest count.

  • No need to sign a group contract!

  • Each room can be individually booked, no guaranteed room availability at time of booking, only after deposit is received.

  • Pricing NOT set in stone. Each guest may pay a different price for same category room, based on availability

  • Offers flexibility, not locked in for a certain number of rooms.

I think you will agree that planning a Destination Wedding is a learning curve. You have to ask yourself, “How much do I want to take on myself or I’m better off partnering with a travel advisor to pull this off?” When planning your destination wedding with us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Flexible deposit, payment, and cancellation options

  • Complimentary room upgrades and money-saving offers based on group size

  • Customized itineraries and group activities

  • Assistance with travel arrangements for you & your guests

  • Wedding planning assistance

  • Offered a Group Travel Protection Plan, protecting your travel investment

  • You’ll receive professional, personalized service

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